About NUHM

The National Urban Health Mission (NUHM) as a submission of National Heath Mission 0411M) has been approred by the Central CatMet on let May 2013.
MAW envisages to meet health care needs of the urban population with the focus on urban poor. by making available to them essential primary health care services and out of pocket expenses Ice treatment. This will be achieved by strengthening the existing health care service delivery system. targeting the people living In skins and cc venous schemes relating to wider delemanants c4 health like chinking water, so-station. school education. etc implemented by the Ministries ot Urban Development. Hoc Poverty Alleviation. Krnsel Resource Development and Women 6 Child Development.

NUHM would endeavour to achieve its goal through:-

Need based c ty specific urban hearth care system to meet the diverse health care needs of the urban poor Sc other vukionsble sections.
2. Institutional mechanism and management systems to meet the health-related challenges of a mealy growing urban population.
3. Partnership with commersty and local bodies for • more proactive involvement in panning. impernentatiox and monitoring of health activities.
4. Availability of reirOurCsa for pavan° essential primary health care to urban poet
5. Partnerships vAth NGOs. for profit Sc not for profit health service providers and other stakeholders.

NUHM wood cove all State caplets. district headwaters Sc cibesrtowns with population of more than 50000. It %souk, pirnanly focus on skim dreeeen and Other Marge hke rickshaw pullers. street vendors. reithey end bus Mellon coolies. homeless people. street children. caletniction site waters.

The centre-state finding pattern Val be 75:25 for all the States except North-Eastern states including Sikkim Sc other special category slates ol Jammu & Kashmir. Rm. and Uttarakhand, for whom the centre-state funding pattern seal be 90 10.7he Programme Implementation Plans (PIPS) sent by the by the Stern are apprised.
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