Dankuni is a rapidly growing industrial town located close to the Kolkata, and it is the part of Hooghly District of West Bengal. It can be reached easily by road or railways from both Howrah as well as the Sealdah Station. Dankuni Junction railway station is 15 kms from the Howrah Station, and is located in the center of Dankuni. While the nearest airport to this town is the place of Dum Dum, that is situated 20 kms away from Dankuni. And it is also a very nearest place to many attractions that outskirts this city.

Demography of Dankuni

As per 2011 census (India), Dankuni had a total population of 2,49,840; amongst which, the Male population was 1,28,139, and population of females was 1,21,701. While, the population of children below the age of six was about 22,956. And the literacy rate was about 85.69 per cent. The language known or spoken at this city is Oriya, but even hindi is known and spoken by these people. Some people also speak Bengali language, as Dankuni is a part of West Bengal state. Apart from this, English is spoken by some of the literates.

Infrastructural Development of Dankuni

Dankuni is a recently developed town, which was modified by Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA). As per their Dankuni project, the total area of the town was about 4,846 acres; and out of which, 4,069 acres belongs to the town area; while 777 acres is meant for the industrial purposes. The total project area covers 20 villages; out of which, 5 villages as well as 15 parts of the villages have been distributed to the 4 police stations such as the Chanditala and Dankuni, the Serampore and Singur. Other projects include important railway stations in Dankuni, Gobra, Janai Road and Begampur, which are established over the Howrah to Bardhaman road. And the main road corridors that are included in the project are Durgapur Expressway (i.e, NH2) and Naity Road, even the project includes Delhi as well as Serampore to Siakhala Road. The project also covers, second Vivekananda Setu (a bridge, located across the Hooghly River) as well as the Belghoria Expressway situated via Nivedita Bridge that is near to the Dum Dum airport and can be reached within 30 minutes from Dankuni.