Theme I : Pre-Primary and Primary Schools

  • Providing infrastructure and basic service to the primary school located in the Municipality.
  • Ensure 100% enrolment in the next five years.
  • For improving the performance of schools, parent teachers associations be strengthened involving community participation.

Theme 2: Non-formal and adult education:

  • SSK centers will be create and rearranged to achieve and ensure higher percentage of enrollment in 6 to 14 age group.
  • Initiatives will be taken for development of specific category of children like girl, minority community and spastic children.
  • Awareness regarding importance of adults and non-formal education through community participants.
  • Creating an enabling environment by way of introducing joyful learning.


Name of the Block / Municipalities DANKUNI MUNICIPALITY
Year: 2013-14
Sl. No. Name of the School Village / Ward No. Address Mannaged by (Govt. / L.B. / G.A. / Madrasa / NCLP) Category (Primary / Upper Primary / Primary with Upper Primary Type of School (Boys / Girls /       Co-ed)
1 Kalipur Promathanath F.P.S. ( C-22) 8 Kalipur Govt. Pry. Co-ed
2 Sri Ramkrishna Sishu Tirtha F.P.S. (C-23) 9 Dankuni Milani Govt. Pry. Co-ed
3 Manoharpur Chamundatala F.P.S. (C-24) 17 Dankuni Lalbaba Road Govt. Pry. Co-ed
4 Mrigala F.P.S. (C-25) 8 Mrigala Govt. Pry. Co-ed
5 Mathurdangi F.P.S. (C- 26) 18 Mathurdangi Govt. Pry. Co-ed
6 Monber F.P.S. (C-27) 19 Monber Govt. Pry. Co-ed
7 Ramkrishnabati F.P.S. (C-28) 19 Monber Ramkrishna Bati Govt. Pry. Co-ed
8 Mrigala Barajala F.P.S. (C-29) 15 Mrigala Barjala Govt. Pry. Co-ed
9 Banderbill Panchanantala F.P.S. (C-30) 14 Banderbill Panchanantala Govt. Pry. Co-ed
10 Manoharpur Pallymangal F.P.S. (C-31) 12 Manoharpur Govt. Pry. Co-ed
11 Jamila Jabbar F.P.S. (C-32) 6 Manoharpur Laskarpara Govt. Pry. Co-ed
12 Gobra F.P.S. (C-33) 7 Gobra Govt. Pry. Co-ed
13 Manoharpur Model F.P.S. (C-34) 4 Akdanga Govt. Pry. Co-ed
14 Pathsaiyat K.A.M. F.P.S. (C-35) 6 Pathsaiyat Govt. Pry. Co-ed
15 Dankuni Agrami F.P.S. (C-36) 4 Dankuni Govt. Pry. Co-ed
16 Par-Dankuni Panchanantala F.P.S. (C-37) 3 Par-Dankuni Govt. Pry. Co-ed
17 Chakundi F.P.S. (C-38) 1 Chakundi Govt. Pry. Co-ed
18 Satghara F.P.S. (C-39) 1 Satghara Govt. Pry. Co-ed
19 Kharial Board F.P.S. (C-40) 2 Kharial Govt. Pry. Co-ed
20 Par-Dankuni F.P.S. (C-41) 2 Kharial Govt. Pry. Co-ed
21 Vidyasagar F.P.S. (C-42) 16 Vidyasagar Pally Govt. Pry. Co-ed
22 Balaichandra Majhi Smriti Vidyaniketan (C-43) 3 Par-Dankuni Govt. Pry. Co-ed
23 Annapurna F.P.S. (C-44) 10 Manoharpur Manmatha Nagar Govt. Pry. Co-ed
24 Dankuni Siddiquia Sr. Madrasah (Part) 4 Akdanga Govt.,Madrasah Pry. Co-ed
25 Dankuni Ashwash Institute for the Disable 12 Manoharpur Disable Co-ed
26 Kharial High School 2 Kharial G.A. Upper Pry. Co-ed
27 Chakundi Sayadatia Qurania Madrasah Shiksha Kendra (MSK) 1 Chakundi G.A.,
Upper Pry.,Madrash Co-ed
28 Dankuni Siddiquia Sr. Madrasah (Part) 4 Akdanga Govt.,
Upper Pry. Co-ed
29 Dankuni Sree Ramkrishna Vidyashram Girls` High School 10 Dankuni G.A. Upper Pry. Girls`
30 Chakundi High School 1 Chakundi G.A. Upper Primary Co-ed
31 Dankuni Sree Ramkrishna Vidyashram Boys` High School 10 Dankuni G.A. Upper Primary Boys
32 Monber Vivekananda Vidyapith 19 Monber G.A. Upper Primary Co-ed
PRIMARY SCHOOL – Per day Mid-Day-Meal Taker – 3624 Nos. Students
UPPER PRIMARY SCHOOL – Per day Mid-Day-Meal Taker – 2553 Nos. Students