Account department is one of the major department of the municipality. But this department is not directly deals with the citizen of Dankuni. Its scope of work centralized between the activities performed by the other department of the municipality. Some of the major roles performed by Accounts Department are as follows: –

  1. Preparation of financial year wise municipal budget, revised budget, vote on accounts.
  2. Preparation and maintenance of financial wise annual financial statements like ledger, receipt and payment, trial balance, balance sheet.
  • Maintaining different Bank/Treasury accounts, Government grants received by the municipality. Municipal revenues and expenditure related account on daily basis.
  1. Performing day to day payment related jobs.
  2. Facing financial year wise AG Audits.
  3. Executing major decisions regarding municipal investments by the board of councillors.

Organisational Structure


Contacts: –

SL No Name of the Contact Person Designation Contact
1 Sri Finance Officer
2 Sri Sunil Chandra Mondal Accountant
3 Smt. Sanchita AFC